This is basically a post for people who think that the world is accessible for those who are disabled, although this is centred around those who use a wheelchair. 

And this doesn’t include when people park in disabled spaces without a badge, or question those who park in disabled spaces who don’t use a chair.

The first picture is of a disabled parking space, where the snow has been pushed into that space whilst people were clearing the car park. This also happens when snow ploughers push the snow to the side of the road and onto the pavement as it blocks the dipped down pavement where wheelchair users can get on/off of the pavement and most wheelchairs struggle to be able to push through the snow.

The second picture is of a lift/elevator in Boots a store in the UK, where there are baskets and cases in front of the lift, which block wheelchair users from using it and accessing other levels in the store.

The third picture is of a zebra crossing with a lowered pavement for wheelchair users, and there is an island in the middle with a normal height curb, which blocks wheelchair users, and it means they have to go around, along with having bollards near the entrance which don’t look wide enough to fit a wheelchair through.

The fourth picture is that of a ramp, which has a step in order to get onto the ramp. (I’m pretty sure they didn’t even try.)

The fifth picture is of a ramp with a tree in the middle, which doesn’t have enough room on either side for a wheelchair to get through.

The sixth picture is of a very very steep ramp, which even if you have someone pushing your chair you probably won’t be able to get up it!

The seventh picture is of a disabled parking space, which has a ramp leading to the entrance, which again has steps in order to access the ramp.

The eighth picture is of ‘disabled parking’, where non of the spaces have room to allow chairs to get out of the car, except at the back. They are just normal spaces where a blue sign has been placed in an attempt to make the parking ‘wheelchair accessible’.

The ninth picture is of a reception desk which is too high for wheelchair users to access, as they can’t be seen, due to the fact that they are smaller than the desk.

The final picture is of a ramp which only goes halfway up the curb, essentially meaning there is a step at the top of the ramp.

If anybody still thinks the world isn’t staked against those who are disabled, then I honestly worry about you.

You make good points, but you can’t say the world is actively against the disabled. There are a good many buildings who need to accommodate for them, and some haven’t for a myriad of reasons. Some places’ll do the bare minimum to keep the law from breathing down their necks, but that’s all.

However, this doesn’t mean that the ‘world is staked against’ the disabled. Some places have really nice accomodations, and other places go above and beyond. Let’s try not to generalize.

People with disabilities are among the most marginalized groups in the world. WHO

83% of women with disabilities will be sexually abused in their lifetime bpvav

Children with disabilities are five times more likely to be abused bpvav

The amount of people with disabilities that drop out of Uni have doubled in a year the guardian

Goodwill pay their disabled employs less than a $1 per hour aljazeera

Families with a person with disabilities are more likely to live in poverty gov   twice as likely according to scope

Disabled people are less likely to be employed gov

Disabled people are three times less likely to have any qualifications, and are half as likely to have a degree gov

Over 25% of disabled people have said they don’t frequently have control of their own lives gov

Disabled people are more likely to experience discrimination at work than those who aren’t disabled gov

About a third of people with disabilities experience difficulties accessing public, commercial and leisure goods and services gov

About a fifth of disabled people have difficulties accessing public transport gov

Disabled people are more likely to be a victim of crime than non disabled people gov

1 in 3 households with a disabled person do not live in decent accommodation (this could be linked with the poverty statistic) gov

1 in 5 people with disabilities who need adaptations in their home believe their accommodation isn’t suitable

Disabled men make 11% less than non disabled men per hour, and women 22%

  • 38 per cent of people believe disabled people are a burden on society
  • 28 per cent of people believe there is Ill feeling around the perceived extra support given to disabled people (28 per cent
  • More than a quarter (27 per cent) of people think disabled people are treated differently because there is a lack of knowledge around disability
  • Nearly two-thirds (65 per cent) of people have admitted they avoid disabled people because they don’t know how to act around them
  • More than half (52 per cent) of people  assume disabilities are physical
  • Only 7 per cent  of people would consider mental disability when told that a person is disabled
  • Only 26 per cent of people class facial disfigurement as a disability
  • More than a third (34 per cnt) don’t consider hearing loss to be a disability.
  • One hundred and eighty disability hate crimes are committed every day in this country.
  • Fear and loss of confidence are the most common consequences of disability harassment.
  • Prosecutions and convictions for disability hate crime fell in 2011/12 after rising three years in a row – only partly due to fewer referrals from the police


TLDR: disabled people do not have life handed to them on a plate, there are so many things that people could do to make our lives easier, but they don’t. things like the pictures above were a visual example, and the sad thing is, I found all these pictures on sites that stated they were hilarious. 

The world is staked against disabled people, and so are the people, and yes not everyone is, but stop implying that disabled people have it easy, but some of the world is actively against disabled people, and some of it isn’t, but when it comes down to it, disabled people have a hard time, and a lot have to fight for basic rights.

And I’m going to presume that you aren’t disabled, and I’m sorry for making an assumption, because I know better than anyone that invisible disabilities are all too common, so please don’t try to tell us what it’s like to live with a disability if you have no idea what it’s like yourself

This is institutional ableism, the result of Western (and in particular, Puritan) culture’s ideologies about the body and norms. The result of these ideologies are both visible (such as these lovely photos) and invisible (internalized self-hate for we non-normed folks).

To claim that it’s not intentional does not invalidate the social structures—both legal and moral—that create the resulting unfriendly environments. They exist, intention nonwithstanding. They are so embedded that, like with institutional racism, folks on the privileged side of the binary refuse to acknowledge their implicit participation in the system (for the record: I’m white, middle-class, and highly educated. I have a hard time acknowledging my privilege on a daily basis. I know it’s not easy.)

For the disabled, the physical world itself is built around an ideal human form; I say “ideal” because there is no body that is perfect. Even Olympic athletes are not perfect, and yet we design our structures, our roads, our machines, and our social systems with the belief that there is some normal majority for whom these are perfect. They’re not.

"Universal design" is an engineering and design concept that attempts to overcome our sense of this ideal body and instead work to accommodate all bodies without differentiation. After all, where is the line between able and disabled? I have yet to get a handicap parking sticker, but I am eligible. When I sign the form next month, am I officially disabled, even though I’ve had these same issues for at least a decade? Universal design would help eliminate these false bodily binaries (although we will never be rid of them completely).

I write this long response because I’m seeing more and more backlash against “the disabled” (yes. we’re a cohesive unit, like “the” African American community! We hold potlucks and agree on everything!) as austerity measures tighten worldwide. I expect it to worsen. Take a look at Butler’s Erehwon, in which the sick are treated as criminals; we’re headed there.


"This whole being sick thing is getting real old" - says the healthy person who has a fever and strep throat.

Yeah, too bad you’ll stop being sick in a week or two. Try living with it for the rest of your life, then it really gets old, real quick.

I now know why I felt so awful, I didn’t take my morning meds yesterday

100 happy days of a spoonie


Day 16 - September 30th

Slept in then headed for a remedial massage. It was beyond needed even though it had only been about a fortnight. My hip flexors had been bothering me for days. Looking forward to being a little less achey now.

And it’s my birthday in about 30mins… 😊

100 Happy Days of Being a Spoonie


DAY 15 - 9/29/14

Today wasn’t that bad!  My pain was pretty manageable, except for my wrists and fingers hurting a bunch.  I wrote a lot, so that’s expected.

Hope you guys had a nice day!! cx



So my old high school bio teacher went to New Orleans this weekend and he posted this picture on Facebook of him trying to go into one of the museums……

Whoa! This shit ain’t cool! WTF museum!



So my old high school bio teacher went to New Orleans this weekend and he posted this picture on Facebook of him trying to go into one of the museums……

Whoa! This shit ain’t cool! WTF museum!


A PSA From A Person In A Wheelchair

Alright folks, let’s talk about helping people in wheelchairs.

First off, let me start by saying I know that the people who want to help have good intentions. Many people don’t want to help at all; in fact, they’ll go out of their way to not help. So, thank you.

However, oftentimes, good intentions can lead to bad results. I don’t know how many times I’ve gone through a conversation like the one above. (Obviously, the one above is exaggerated but I digress.)

In fact, let me tell you what inspired this comic. I was wheeling towards a door in my residence hall yesterday (a door that I had opened multiple times) when a person raced up and asked if I needed help opening it. When I declined, they said, “Let me help.” I tried to decline again but by that time they had opened the door. So I thanked them and entered, only to have them race past me and open the next door. Again, I thanked them and told them that I didn’t need help. I turned the handle of the third door and they abruptly pushed it open, pulling my arm in the process. I thanked them through gritted teeth and they grinned, pleased that they had helped someone.

It’s one thing to offer help. It’s another to insist that you help, especially if the person in the wheelchair declines.

One, frequently asking (or downright insisting!) is going to make the person in the wheelchair uncomfortable and annoyed. Secondly, you might unintentionally end up injuring said person or otherwise inconveniencing them.

"But I want to help!"

I know you do. And that’s great.

But do me a favor and follow these two rules:

1. Wait until the person in the wheelchair asks you for help.

However, if you don’t want to wait and insist on asking them:

2. If you do ask a person in a wheelchair if they need help and they decline your help, DON’T HELP.

It’s that simple!



Shiny lights and angel chorus, it’s the SPOONIE GO ROUND!!

guess where this weeks wages are going?



FYI for my fellow American spoonies. Physicians are urging many to refill your script before the 6th if you are eligible as there may be kinks in their scheduling appts during their learning curve.


signal boost.


Day 15 - September 29th

A quiet day again. 
I re-read then submitted my assignment, which means just 2 more to go for the semester. (Though they are worth 45% of my grade between them) 
Also got an ASOS delivery of two dresses and 2 tops, all of which I am super happy with. Looking forward to wearing the closest dress on my birthday later this week, especially with the heat wave forecast.


Day 15 - September 29th

A quiet day again.
I re-read then submitted my assignment, which means just 2 more to go for the semester. (Though they are worth 45% of my grade between them)
Also got an ASOS delivery of two dresses and 2 tops, all of which I am super happy with. Looking forward to wearing the closest dress on my birthday later this week, especially with the heat wave forecast.

100 happy days of a spoonie: Day 16


Yesterday, I focused on myself, and it felt so good to do so. I trimmed my finger and toe nails, painted my finger nails, washed my sheets and comforter, watched Paranorman with a few friends, and went to community dinner. I really needed to do that stuff for me and it definitely made my weekend better, especially when I am fighting a cold.

100 Days of a Happy Spoonie: Day 34


Another somewhat shortishbutnotreally one because holy wow am I tired!

The tag sale went well. Thanks to the fabulous drug induced sleep state I put myself into last night I actually woke up (5am) feeling somewhat human and able to set everything up without falling or too much weakness. Unlike last time, it took awhile for people to come due to the sale being on a sunday rather than a saturday. People go to church and/or sleep in etc. Last time there were more people than we had time to talk to and they started coming an hour before we were even set to start haha But I made yet another $330 (my poor mama only made $75). I still have stuff left over but nothing that can’t be sold on Craigslist or donated to libraries/veterinary offices/shelters. I did however get totally reamed by my mom because I didn’t eat anything all day. Except for coffee (actual caffeinated coffee too). I was nauseous and started the day with minimal spoons and such. I’ve been feeling pain in my knees and it was radiating through the rest of my legs today, probably from all the lifting and moving stuff… add in everything from yesterday and I may or may not have almost past out a few times again lol Oops.

Ok so onto the purpose of the post lol Today I was grateful for nice customers (no one gave me me hard time or was rude to me). I’m definitely grateful for all of the money that I made and for being rid of all that stuff (I feel so weighted down by stuff lately which is odd cause I used to be such a “stuff” person), and what’s more is knowing that all that stuff is going to go on being used and loved and not just being thrown out and wasted. That means something to me. I’m grateful to my Gran again for being sweet and kind and funny, even when she doesn’t know she is. Like she pointed out my acne to me today and yeah, it hurt my feelings a bit but unlike my father, she has genuinely no idea that what she’s saying is wrong and even thinks she’s doing good in some way. It may sound weird but it’s another reason I love her. I guess intention really is everything haha

I’m grateful for my own bed and the teddybear (Sunny) that my mom gave me for my birthday that sleeps with me every night now. Mom and I joke about how worn he looks in just a month and how the poor dud didn’t know what he was signing up for in how much cuddle/comfort I would need. She says he looks like he’s “seen some shit” bahaha

I’m also grateful for new friends found in unexpected places. I’ve recently found a few new/old? spoonie friends. Turns out the guy Amber’s dating is a spoonie and someone who runs a fan site I follow is too! And after I made my post about the Durham Fair yesterday a fellow CT spoonie contacted me which made me really happy :D

That’s all for now guys. This post literally took me over an hour to write because I can’t focus on anything and I reeeeeally need to go to bed. I love you all and hope your weekends were lovely and that your pending weeks are filled with love, joy, spoons and all things wonderful <3

100 Happy Days of Being a Spoonie


DAY 14 - 9/28/14

I woke up with really bad joint pain. I’m not sure why, but even this new medicine isn’t working and my back was especially hurting this morning. I hope it won’t last.

Also, my wrist pain is starting to flare up again. I thought it went away, but apparently not.

On the upside, I did get a back massage today so that was nice. Ido have a slight fever, however, but it’s back to school tomorrow.

Hope you all had a lovely day!

100 happy days of a spoonie


Day 14

I moved into uni! Drove an hour and a half on my own listening to Disney songs and unpacked and everything! My housemate, A, had a house party though without warning any of the rest of us. Which was pretty inconsiderate as I didn’t fall asleep until 5 that night.

Day 15

Flaring. Everything I have seems to be flaring. This is my supernova of flares. And I’ve missed the first day of uni because of it. Everyone’s going out tonight so it’ll be noisy when they’re pre-drinking but afterwards it’ll be nice and quiet for me to sleep.
Dads surgery went well which is the best news I’ve had in a long time!